Today's fast paced business environment demands that smalland medium-size companies work hard to stay competitive. One advantage smaller businesses have is their ability to react very quickly to changes in the marketplace and respond to their customers. The last thing a growing business usually asks itself is, "Will my telephone system support my communication requirements - today and tomorrow?" Successful future communications begins with the voice/data platform you select today.

Businesses that don't expect to stay small forever require a system that can grow with them. A building block approach allows for easy cost effective expansion. Buying only what is needed today keeps the system affordable.

Small businesses do not have the luxury of time or a telecom department to support their system. Businesses need to be self-sufficient and cannot turn their system off for adds, moves and changes. A telephone system must allow for on-line changes and maintenance and must get applications running without interrupting business.

Perhaps the most important thing to remember about SMB systems is that what is difficult to use will go unused. Features are only as good as their ease of use. The brains of the system are often hidden away but the telephone is used everyday.

The needs of businesses vary and that is why flexibility in a telephone system is so important. A business should never have to operate because of the way their telephone system operates. Matching the telephone system to unique business applications is the key to success.

Bayview Custom Communications offers a wide range of cabling solutions, each tailored to meet different technical and budgetary requirements specific to your business needs. Our product flexibility can be used to create a network that is the most appropriate for your company's needs, comprising of complete structured cabling systems from initial consultancy and design, to installation and maintenance of complex voice and data networks.

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