A building's system through which telecommunication services flow, or "Riser Cabling," as it has become known - continues to pose great challenges to property owners and managers. Telecom services have become the lifeline of the tenant's business. At the same time, they have also become a whole new challenge for the building's owner's and manager's. In the past, telecom cabling and network access have accounted but for a small portion of tenant concerns when seeking space. Tenants have become increasingly technologically savvy regarding voice and data telecom, and are looking for the most advanced solutions. Subsequent leasing decisions can be heavily based on how compatible a property is for meeting their particular communications needs.

More and more, owners and managers have become responsible for the maintenance of riser systems, as well as coordinating with the carriers who provide services to their buildings. In many cases, the result has been less than positive. The riser systems in most buildings have been unsuccessfully maintained, if at all. Not to mention the liability of dangerous abandoned riser cables, incorrect installations and fire and electrical code violations. Most owners and managers are unaware of what is currently being used, what has been abandoned and what is available for future use.

For these reasons, and many others, the commercial real estate market is in need of a comprehensive "riser management solution." We will survey, develop, implement and maintain what has become one of the most important assets for tenants and building management alike.


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