Whether you have a simple ethernet LAN with two segments both requiring a shared Internet connection, or a complex network with a mixture of topologies spread out across multiple locations, we can simplify the network and gain complete control over your network traffic. We can isolate specific segments,filter certain traffic types, bring up T1 links for data, or even share a T1 with existing TDM type telephone systems. The capabilities are seemingly endless.

Sample of supported technolgies: 56K, T1, T3, ISDN, Frame Relay, DSL BGP, EIGRP, OSPF, RIP Radius, TACACS IPSEC We handle Cisco Systems, 3Com, Nortel Networks, Marconi, Alcatel, Extreme, Foundry and Juniper Networks.

We support all makes and models of switches including Cisco Systems Catalyst, 3Com Corebuilders, Nortel Baystack, Extreme Networks Summit/Black Diamond, Lucent Cajun and many others.

Understanding how your underlying switching design and configuration works is critical to ensuring that your network is performing well. Many times there are speed and/or duplex mismatches on a number of ports bringing the throughput as low as 1Mbps or even less.

We have the ability to use certain manufacturer's layer 2 features to help map out an existing network where documentation is missing or innacurate.

Call us to assist you in the design, deployment and support of managed ethernet switches.

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