Testing and As Built documentation will be provided on CD-ROM or diskette. The following test results will be delivered to you within two weeks of work completion.

Perform full electronic testing on all cables with Fluke cable scanner reporting the results for the following:

Signal to Noise Ratio
Ambient Noise
Cable Length
Wire Map
Date of Test

All CAT-5E/CAT-6 installations will be tested to meet the 100Mbps standards.

All multi-mode fiber installations (horizontal and backbone links) will test link attenuation and optical loss on each fiber bi-directionally. Client will confirm test results fall within the acceptance range based on current TIA/EIA requirements.

As-built drawing package will be delivered to client within two weeks of work completion and will include:

Copy of Visio floorplan with actual location of all data, voice, video and fiber drops with closet number/drop number clearly labeled.

Copy of Visio floorplan with MDF & IDF closet layouts as well as the vertical and horizontal riser system with pull box locations clearly noted.

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