Bayview Custom Communications has made some considerable investments in wireless technologies to better serve our clientele. We can perform a wireless site survey enabling us to layout your network properly, assuring the most comprehensive coverage areas available. We support 802.11b and newer 802.11g technology for local WLAN access points.

We also offer site-to-site wireless technologies including high-end free air optic links capable of speeds beyond 1 Gbps.

Our leading equipment manufacturers in these areas include Cisco Systems, Alvarion, and Lightpointe.

Wireless technology is progressing in leaps in bounds. Just a few years ago a 3Mbps was considered to be incredibly fast for wireless. We are seeing the incredible proliferation of the current standard of 802.11b everywhere. Many new generation equipment actually offers the best of both worlds by allowing multiple transmitters/receivers. One radio can operate at the 802.11b speed, while a second radio can support newer technologies such as 802.11a or even 802.11g. Speeds are quickly increasing to the point where 54Mbps is quite commonplace in some progressive networks. Usually wireless technology is thought of as microwave technology (i.e. 2.4ghz+), but there are some options to microwave for high speed wireless links.

Free air optics is one of the newest methods of achieving a wireless link without microwave technology. This alternative uses a laser transmitter coupled with a laser receiver. Although distance is strictly limited by environmental factors such as air quality, these devices are implemented where extreme high speed connectivity is required and physical cabling (i.e. fiber) is either cost prohibitive or not feasible.

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